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Customer Testimonials

Outdoor Hands : A product that works when nothing else does.

As our testimonials show, our products have gained a reputation as being the “miracle cream,” a product that works when nothing else does.

But don’t just take our word for it. Take a look for yourself and see what our customers are saying.



I just ordered 2 tubes of the hand cream for cracked hands. I just wanted you to know that my son requested I buy this for his hands, as they are all red & cracked-he says this stuff is the best.  He even recommended it to his friend.  I also love this stuff, that is why I ordered 2 tubes – 1 for him & 1 for me .
Thank you

Shirley R.

Just as an FYI – my youngest daughter, who is in college (vanity prevents me from saying her age!!) will only use your hand cream. She has very sensitive skin and is also sensitive to excessively perfumed products, so your lotion is perfect. It’s also my preferred hand lotion, which is saying a lot if you consider the many lotions we carry in our gift shop.

Anyway, I’m sorry to ramble on, I just thought you may appreciate some positive feedback – although I’m sure you get plenty!
Take care.


I don’t know how this stuff works its magic but it does work! No greasy feeling and no aroma of any kind. Love it and so does my granddaughter who asked for a tube as part of her holiday gifts after using it last winter. Thanks for the honorific and the great stuff!


My husband bought a case of the skin therapy cream. I have used it on my hands for over a year now and I LOVE IT.  It softens my skin and even improved the elasticity and smoothness over time.
I have really dry skin all over my body. One day I used it on my face when my facial moisturizer wasn’t near by. Wow!!!!  Immediately reduced the appearance of fine lines all over my face! My husband NOTICED the difference and complimented me on the look of my skin after a couple of days!!!!
I’m hooked! I’m spreading the word!!!!
Keep up the good work! Amazing product!

Dena C.

I love your skin therapy cream I purchased today at a local store.  It has already helped.  Ironically I got it after my appt. with the dermatologist for my cracked hands.

Theresa H.

I found Outdoor Hands by accident when browsing the lotion aisle because I am a RN and wash my hands so much with harsh hospital soap that they stay dry, red, cracked and inflamed and the winter weather makes it even worse. The first time I put it on I knew it was different than anything I had ever tried. A truly wonderful product that I hope never to be without. My hands are in much better shape and my husband loves it also.  Wish I had found it sooner and plan to tell everyone I know about it. Thank you!

Julie T.

I am a Colon Cancer Survivor of 4 years and a Lydia Tote recipient. My sister gave me two tubes of Outdoor Hands for my dry, cracked and bleeding hands,cuticles,feet and lips. I have been on two different chemotherapy protocols and currently on Erbitux with side effects of severe dry skin. I have probably spent $500 or more on over the counter creams and lotions in the past from side effects of chemotherapy that left me with severe dry skin which had left me with less than desirable results. Outdoor Hands is an amazing product and I highly recommend it to other Cancer patients. I would also like to tell other cancer patients receiving chemotherapy that it “truly is amazing and works”, no strong fragrance and absorbs quickly without any “greasy residue feeling left behind”. Thank you very much for supporting women like me and partnering with The Lydia Project which is an extraordinary organization supporting women coping with Cancer. God will bless you greatly.

Amy M.
Columbia, SC

To: outdoorhands.com

This stuff is great!!

I wish I had taken pictures. My hands were so dry if I made a fist they would bleed. I used this one day the next day they were better. I use it once a day and my hands feel soft and smooth. Regular lotions usually made my hands worse. This stuff rocks. Thank you from me and my wife.

Brannon B.

I LOVE the hand cream.  Where can I buy it? A mom with young kids always has dry hands.

Davidson, NC

I just bought your healing hand cream at a local drug store for my husband who works outside and has dealt with creaked hands for years. We have spent a lot of money on lotions and this really works. An amazing product. I own a Salon in Greer, South Carolina and would like to know about retail to help other people. My clients mean a lot to me and instead of sending them to our local drug store I would like to sell it to them and let them find an amazing product!  Thanks.

Kelli H.
Greer, SC