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Customer Testimonials

Outdoor Hands : A product that works when nothing else does.

As our testimonials show, our products have gained a reputation as being the “miracle cream,” a product that works when nothing else does.

But don’t just take our word for it. Take a look for yourself and see what our customers are saying.



Absolutely love this hand cream! This, so far, is the only cream that has helped my dry, cracked and sore hands. Thanks.

Janet S.
Leesburg, VA

Amazing lotion!

Kerry C.
Mt. Vernon, IN

I am a franchise owner for a bread company in metro Atlanta. My hands take a beating from plastic trays as well as the cold. Your product is the only one that stands up to the rigors of my job. Thanks!

Greg E.
Atlanta, GA

To: outdoorhands.com

Relief at last.
My fiancé has played havoc for the last two years trying to control a skin condition that doctors say is genetic and one of the worst cases they have seen in a very long time. He has always had beautiful skin but with his 48th birthday came this problem. He was covered from the top of his head to his feet in oozing sores and rashes that promised to be the next crisis. Severe Eczema was his diagnosis and it has sent us to the emergency room many times over the last two years because it would turn to staph almost overnight. We have been to doctor after doctor and they all said that he would battle this for the rest of his life. We’ve tried creams and ointments of all kinds, prescriptions as well as over the counter and nothing gave him relief. I made a frenzied search to find something that would at least help with his dry skin if not the issue at hand. One day I happened upon a local store, “LOST CREEK” in our hometown of Mineola, TX and the sales person told me that she used this product called “OUTDOOR HANDS; TOUGH not ROUGH.” It is the only thing we’ve been able to use that didn’t irritate the problem worse, so we’ve be loyal patrons ever since. The amazing thing is that his skin has cleared up 75/80 percent better and we’ve only been using it for about three months. Wish you could package it in tubs! We can’t think of anything else that could’ve been more a blessing for his upcoming 50th birthday, Thank you.

Lynn H.
Mineola, TX

An outstanding product!!

Andrew M.
Floral Park, NY

I have always had a problem with dry skin in the winter-this stuff is amazing. Thank you.

Patrice G.
West Brandywine, PA

This product really has relieved the cracked skin on our fingers. My son says it is the BEST. We handle wood for our stoves and nothing works except your product. Thanks!

Janet N.
Center Valley, PA

My daughter sent me a tube to try as my hands cracked so badly they bled, from using the mouse at work, so much. This is the only cream that has helped to actually heal my hands, and I’ve tried everything! Even beat out prescriptions! This truly works! And quickly! Thank you to the inventor!

Joanne S.
Port Hueneme, CA

Great Product! Thanks!

Michael W.
Eidsen, TN

I am a mechanic/welder at a chemical factory in North Carolina. I developed a condition known as industrial dermatitis meaning that I have an allergic reaction to the chemicals I work with. The doctors said the only cure for this is to change my line of work. Given today’s economy that wasn’t really an option, so I continued working in pain with deep cracks and cuts on my hands. My father was in the local Tractor Supply and ran across your product. He purchased a tube and told me that it had great reviews. Within three days of using your product I saw amazing results and after three weeks my hands are all but completely healed. I can now perform my job without being in pain resulting in a more productive and enjoyable work day. Your product is a life changer, thank you so much.

Donnie W.
North Carolina