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Customer Testimonials

Outdoor Hands : A product that works when nothing else does.

As our testimonials show, our products have gained a reputation as being the “miracle cream,” a product that works when nothing else does.

But don’t just take our word for it. Take a look for yourself and see what our customers are saying.



Well the name of your product should be changed to “Miracle Cure” as my fingers were cracking, bleeding (let’s not even mention the maddening pain associated) from multiple locations; your product stopped the pain in the first hour. Within 24 hours I noticed the red associated with the infection disappeared! The “crack” ceased to exist in 48 hours!  I can’t imagine that everyone would have the same results as I did but I KNOW this product is better than any “healing” cream I have used.  Thanks Outdoors Hands cream inventor for making my hands a better tool for my outdoor AND indoor activities!

Bill C.
Louisville, KY

I just received my shipment, and I gotta say your stuff is terrific.  Where can I buy it locally?

Michael P.
Olympia, WA

Thank you so much for the Outdoor Hands. Here are the pictures of my feet three months ago and now. I have been prescribed rx medication that have made me very sick. Numerous creams with bad smells and greasy feelings have helped little or none. Light therapy did little to help. Outdoor Hands has a good feel and smell and, finally, my psoriasis is being managed. My feet and hands look and feel better than they have in almost 18 months. You’ve given me my life back.

Thank You!!!

Beth H.
Evans, GA

I just want you to know that the Outdoor Hands cream is the best product I have ever tried for split skin during the winter. I’ve suffered  from split skin, near my thumbnails, for many years.

Chuck R.

Let me begin by saying that I rarely bother to write companies to provide feedback on their products. However, I have made an exception in regard to Outdoor Hands.

Recently , I was complaining to a friend about cracking skin on the tips of my fingers around the nails. This happens quite frequently to me and is quite painful. My friend gave me a tube of Outdoor Hands to try, saying how well it had worked for him. I’ve got to say the results were amazing. The cracks on my fingers cleared up in a couple of days. I’ve tried all kinds of solutions for my cracked fingers – from Zim’s Cracke Creme to various high-end dry skin lotions to New Skin Liquid Bandage – and nothing has come close to the effectiveness of Outdoor Hands.

Thanks so much for the help.

Mark N.

Outdoor Hands is amazing! I live in the high desert in Nevada where humidity is basically ‘negative’. So, my hands are constantly dry. I’ve tried everything, my hands soak up even the best of lotions like a sponge and they scream for more. It would be constant application all day long…

Well, I got Outdoor Hands last week and before bed I applied a pea size amount to just my hands. (Yes, just a PEA size amout). It rubbed in smooth, no greasy after feel, pleasant light citrus aroma and ‘ahhhh’ felt so good and refreshing. I got up the next morning and to my amazement, STILL soft! (from one application!). I then procedded to wash dishes with hot soapy water for about 15-20 minutes. The super WOW factor kicked in here… my hands were STILL soft! (yes, from the one pea sized application the night before!) I will be my best testimonial for this stuff!) It works. Hands down, the best lotion I’ve used and I used to make my own.

Alethea A.

I have psoriasis on my elbows and on my legs. Using Outdoor Hands daily, they are just about gone and do not itch at all. One of my good friends has dry spots on here face and they are now clearing up after using Outdoor Hands for about 2 weeks. The lotion is not greasy and the fact that it is unscented is a positive.

Patracia L.
South Carolina

This is a wonderful product!

Marian J.
Front Royal, VA

I’ve used Outdoor Hands on my legs (because they get REALLY dry) and it works GREAT. Leaves them nice and soft, gets rid of that “scaly” look.

Do you have any other body care items in the works????”

Kathy L.
New York

I am a horse woman and care for horses on a daily basis. My hands were dry, cracked, sometimes bleeding. I started using Outdoor Hands and love it! My hands are healthy looking. Soft, no cracks and the calluses are fading. I have since bought two more tubes of it — not because I’m out of it — but only to have it at home, at the office, in my car…you get the idea.

Michael K.