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Customer Testimonials

Outdoor Hands : A product that works when nothing else does.

As our testimonials show, our products have gained a reputation as being the “miracle cream,” a product that works when nothing else does.

But don’t just take our word for it. Take a look for yourself and see what our customers are saying.



I’ve switched to Outdoor Hands because of the way it feels when it goes on. When you use it, even on your dry, cracked, heels, the moisture just soaks right in. You can FEEL it working! Tell the parmacist that we all LOVE him!!! This stuff is AWESOME!!!

Laura R.
North Carolina

“My heels are normal agin. I have tried everything on my heels to help w/cracking and nothing ever worked. I have been using Outdoor Hands daily and my heels look and feel great!”

Maureen H.

My Hands have suffered for a number of years with dry, cracked, itchy spots on them and there just seemed to be NOTHING that would cure the painful cracks completely or that would not sting when applied.

Wow! What a difference! In my opinion there is nothing better than Outdoor Hands, I will always have it by my side! It is superiour to anything I have tried and I have tried it all!

Within two weeks of using Outdoor Hands I am happy to say that my hands are clear and soft and moisturiezed and I just can’t stop showing everybody and can’t stop looking at them myself.

When I applied Outdoor Hands it didn’t sting at all – huge bonus point!!!! It is not greasy, it is not sticky, it absorbs excellent, it actually made my hands feel soft, which is saying lots because my hands were usually rough and dry.

Outdoor Hands is unbelievably wonderful and I love it!

Great Job formulating it and a HUGE THANK YOU!!!!!!!! What a difference you have made in my everyday life.”


Katy B.

I make my living in the Outdoors and my hands pay the price. “Outdoor Hands” is the only product I’ve found that actually heals my cracked hands. It also prevents chafing and windburn on my lips and face. Every real Outdoorsman needs “Outdoor Hands”!

Joe Thomas