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Trail Life USA Fundraiser

Trail Life USA, Outdoor Hands

We’ve got exciting news and a great new way TLUSA-SalesSheet_pdf__1_page_
for you to raise funds for your Trail Life troop.

Trail Life USA has partnered with us here at Outdoor Hands to bring you a line of personal care products which relieve everyday problems, especially on the trail.

Whether it’s poison ivy, cracked skin and lips, or pain, Outdoor Hands has a solution.  And now you can bring these solutions to your family, friends and neighbors.  Money for you, relief for them.

Here’s how it works.  There are five products you can sell.

  1. Outdoor Hands Skin Therapy Cream relieves cracked skin on hands, feet, elbows…anywhere.  It really works.
  2. Outdoor Hands Lip Therapy and  Li’l Pucker’s Lip Cream relieve cracked, chapped and dry lips.
  3. Outdoor Hands Pain Therapy Cream relieves joint and muscle pain.
  4.  Outdoor Hands Poison Ivy Scrub
    washes away the oil from poison ivy, oak
    and sumac taking the redness and itching with it.


All you have to do is tell your friends, family, neighbors, even strangers about the products, take their orders, record them on the order sheet supplied and collect the money.  When your fundraising drive is over, just tally up the results and send your order with payment of the wholesale cost to Outdoor Hands.  Your products will be shipped immediately and you can deliver them to your customers.

Helpful Forms to Get Started

Download these forms to begin your fundraising now!

Trail Life USA -Sales Sheet

Outdoor Hands Quick Sales Points

Trail Life USA -Outdoor Hands Order Form

Trail Life USA Order Form Sheet 1

Outdoor Hands Prize Incentives

Let Outdoor Hands know now when you would like to get started.  Call 803-226-0506 or send an e-mail to info@outdoorhands.com specifying your troop number, the number of trailmen in your troop and your address as well as the time frame for your fundraising.  It’s that easy.

Also, ask them about selling Outdoor Hands products at an event or other function.  They will send you displays and product to sell.  You only pay for what you sell and return the rest.

We are very enthusiastic about this new partnership and encourage you to get started with them right away.  In contrast to many fundraising products, Outdoor Hands’ products can truly make a difference for people suffering from cracked skin, pain or poison ivy.

So start your fundraising now.  No need to wait. Contact Outdoor Hands today.