At Outdoor Hands, LLC, our mission is to create products that make a difference!


At Outdoor Hands, LLC, our mission is to create products that make a difference!

It all started when a Clinical Pharmacist, began looking for an effective remedy for his wife's hands. They always cracked in cooler weather; none of the products she tried helped. After many tries, he came up with a formula that healed her cracked hands in a matter of days. All of the botanicals used in formula have proven healing power, but when he combined them, they were especially effective. As a result of this success with his wife’s hands, he began offering the lotion to other family, friends and patients who suffered with cracked hands. When they also saw successful results, he knew he was on to something.

It was not until he received an unexpected call did they consider bringing this formula to a broader market. That call was from a well-known professional bass fisherman and host of several shows on the Outdoor Channel. He had been given a sample of the cream by a friend and was amazed at the results. 

He said,

"I make my living in the outdoors, and my hands pay the price. Outdoor Hands Skin Therapy Cream is the only product I’ve found which actually heals my cracked hands. It also prevents chafing and windburn on my lips and face."

To reach these people, we distribute Outdoor Hands Skin Therapy Cream through outdoor stores, nurseries, hardware stores, hobby stores, sporting goods stores, automobile parts stores, paint stores, and various other specialty stores, as well as pharmacies and a few grocery stores.

With the growing popularity of Outdoor Hands Skin Cream, we have added several additional products since 2007. Before we launch any new product, however, it has to meet the goal of all our products—it has to “make a difference”!

 We have Outdoor Hands Poison Ivy Scrub.  It is a gentle exfoliate which works quickly to reduce the itching and redness from contact with poison ivy, oak or sumac by washing away the urushiol oil that causes the reaction.

Finally, our newest product, is a lip balm called Outdoor Hands Lip Therapy.  We think of it as lip cream in a stick. Its soothing formulation heals and soothes cracked and chapped lips.

At Outdoor Hands, LLC, we offer quality products that really work. We want everyone who buys any Outdoor Hands product to be completely satisfied. If for any reason you are not satisfied, we will refund the purchase price of the product. Please feel free to contact at any time with any questions or concerns.

We truly appreciate your interest in our Outdoor Hands line of products. Many fans of Outdoor Hands products stock up by ordering online through our convenient shopping cart. Whether you buy online or through any of our retailers, we truly appreciate your support…