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“Outdoor Hands is a great product. I have tried many hand creams, lotions and oils but this has really made my hands feel great in one day. I live in Ohio where winters are brutal causing cracks in both my thumbs. I can’t believe how much better they feel now. Thank you for Outdoor Hands cream. Can’t wait till I try the lip balm.” -Jim T.

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Our Story

At Outdoor Hands, we believe in the doers, the go-getters, and the adventure-seekers. Those who enjoy rolling up their sleeves and breaking a sweat. We know people like you make every day count and that dry, cracked skin can slow you down. That’s why our pharmacist-developed formula helps heal your skin so you can continue making a difference for yourself and those around you. Because the world is a little bit better with people like you in it. Read more about Outdoor Hands.


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